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Organising Structure

The ITA-AITES WTC2023 in Athens will be managed by the Executive Organising Committee (EOC) which has been, mostly, already formed as part of the bid’s process. Currently the bid’s Executive Organising Committee includes, among others, all elected members of the Greek Tunnelling Society.


The Greek Tunnelling Society (GTS), founded in 1995, is the established and official representative of Greece in the International Tunnelling Association (ITA-IATES). GTS is a non-profit body and aims to promote the key advantages of tunnels and underground structures…


The responsibility for the preparations of the congress will be assigned to the Professional Congress Organiser (PCO) CONVIN which is already a partner of the Executive Organising Committee of the Greek Bid. To reflect the requirements outlined in the guidelines and by-laws, the Greek Tunnelling Society propose the following organisational structure for ITA World Tunnelling Congress 2023 and General Assembly.

Athens Convention & Visitors Bureau

Athens (Athene), the capital of Greece, has been related with the scientific community since the early years. During the 5th century B.C. ancient Athens was considered to be that period’s Silicon Valley and served as a talent magnet attracting the  scientific global interest where innovation and  enuine creativity took place.

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