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Athens, the capital of Greece is a lively, and cosmopolitan city harmoniously reconciling the past and the present. In Athens you can find state-of-the art conference facilities, a vibrant entertainment scene, as well as thriving gastronomic scene. Monuments and world-class museums


As Athens is a highly visited city, there is a great variety of hotels and hostels centrally located, with a range of costs to accommodate any visitor. A large number of hotels of various categories are located in proximity to the congress venue. Hilton Athens Hotel, is located close to the congress venue (11 min. walking distance – 750 meters), and it will be the headquarter hotel.

Post Congress Tours

One of the major reasons why the island of Santorini stands out is its distinctive architecture. Along with its other special characteristics they compose the extraordinary beauty that makes Santorini unique. Underground buildings such as houses, churches, canaves and warehouses are the traditional buildings of the island. They are the ones that characterize the unique beauty of the island despite the unrealistic architecture.

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Athens (Athene), the capital of Greece, has been related with the scientific community since the early years. During the 5th century B.C. ancient Athens was considered to be that period’s Silicon Valley and served as a talent magnet attracting the  scientific global interest where innovation and  enuine creativity took place.

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