• Organising Structure

Organising Structure

The ITA-AITES WTC2023 in Athens will be managed by the Executive Organising Committee (EOC) which has been, mostly, already formed as part of the bid’s process. Currently the bid’s Executive Organising Committee includes, among others, all elected members of the Greek Tunnelling Society. Upon the assignment of the conference the Executive Organising Committee will be further strengthened by recruiting experienced professionals, both from Academy and the Industry, with previous experience on international conference organisations. The EOC will be chaired by Ioannis Fikiris who will also be the WTC2023 representative at ITA ExCo.

The Executive Organising Committee will be joined, upon the assignment for the organisation of the congress, by the ITA executive director as per ITA by-laws requirements. The organisation Committee will communicate directly with the ITA Executive Council via both the ITA Executive Director and the assigned “Ex officio” member in ITA Executive Committee. Such organisation will ensure a smooth coordination with the ITA. In any case the experience and guidance of the ITA Executive Council will be highly appreciated and welcomed in order to ensure continuity and the constant improvement of the congresses year by year. The Executive Organising Committee holds the overall responsibility for the congress, will be responsible for the financial control of the event and will oversee that everything is handled in a timely and professional manner.

On being awarded the ITA World Tunnelling Congress 2023 and General Assembly, an Advisory Committee (both National and International) chaired by Prof. George Anagnostou, member of the Greek Tunnelling Society and appointed Sir Alan Muir Wood memorial lecturer in 2014, will be officially set up. All well-reputed members of the already formed advisory Committee of the Greek bid (see relevant list) will participate including and others from all corners of the globe to ensure that the event meets all the ITA objectives for inclusivity and delivering a world class congress be fitting the role of ITA-AITES.

The Technical Committee would be responsible for the technical content of the event. It would scope the technical content of the programme in conjunction with the EOC. The intention in parallel sessions would be to have carefully selected, related papers in each session to reduce the need for delegates to move between sessions. The Technical Committee will undertake the review of abstracts and papers. Emphasis would be placed on technical content and the contribution of the paper to the body of tunnelling knowledge. The format and technical content of the Congress proceedings would be the responsibility of the Technical Committee. 

The responsibility for the preparations of the congress will be assigned to the Professional Congress Organiser (PCO) CONVIN which is already a partner of the Executive Organising Committee of the Greek Bid. To reflect the requirements outlined in the guidelines and by-laws, the Greek Tunnelling Society propose the following organisational structure for ITA World Tunnelling Congress 2023 and General Assembly.

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