• Sustainability


Strategies to be considered for reducing or minimizing the ecological footprint of the conference.

  • We will provide participants with a fabric bag containing stationery from recycled materials along with a water bottle preferably made of glass to be used during their stay in Athens.
  • We plan to have several water stations located in various meeting spots in the conference area.
  • CONVIN applies and incorporates socially and environmentally responsible decision making into the planning and aims at ensuring that an event is hosted
    responsibly. Organising a Green Meeting is another marketing tool that can improve public relations and demonstrate a responsible commitment. It also ensures that all business partners, at all levels, share our values on sustainability and growth.
  • A paperless meeting: Use of the latest technologies to replace paper print (i.e. mobile applications, e-posters). In addition, if the participants don’t need a print version of the conference program, the relevant amount will be sent to non profit organisations.
  • Travel Venue: Location and destination are strategically chosen to minimize CO2 emissions.
  • Food & Beverage: Our choice of venue will offer fair trade, locally-selected products. Our meeting planners make sure that well-balanced meals are served in the right quantity to reduce waste. Moreover, we support non-profit organisations that prevent food waste, by distributing the surplus of food of congresses, to people in need throughout Greece.
  • Social Events: Our team will do their utmost to organise ecologically minded social events.

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