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Technical Tours

The Hellinikon Project

The revitalization of the former Hellinikon Airport area is the biggest project of its kind in Europe and the most ambitious development project ever undertaken in Greece which will positively impact the local and national economy. It combines urban
development, recreation facilities and a huge metropolitan park and seafront fully accessible to the public. Access via metro and tram lines will be assured while the existing road along the shoreline will be reconstructed to become fully underground. Works are planned to start in 2020 and move forward rapidly. The tour will walk the
delegates around the various worksites in the area as well as the underground coastal road.

Athens Metro Line 4

The first phase (from Alsos Veikou to Goudi areas) of the new Line 4 of the Athens Metro network is currently in the final tender stage and construction is planned to start in 2020. The Project comprises 15 underground stations and approx. 13 km of running tunnels plus a new underground depot. The tour will visit a number of construction sites to view tunnelling works, stations and depot construction. There will be two options for visitors to choose between half-day or one-day tour according to number of sites to be visited.

Immersed Road Tunnel Salamina-Perama

The Project is in the tender phase and construction is expected to begin in 2021. The road tunnel will be an immersed double tube tunnel under a busy naval channel and in an area with archaeological interest. A half day tour will enable delegates to visit the worksite of the immersed tunnel in order to be informed both about the construction method that will be applied and the E/M and safety systems scheduled for the operation period.

Lavrion Underground Hazardous Waste Repository

The Lavrion Underground Hazardous Waste Repository is developed as a part of the restoration of the Lavrion Technological and Cultural Park (LTCP) site. It is designed to store approximately 5000 tn of hazardous waste (with monitoring and retrievability option), having high concentrations of heavy metals and toxic metalloids, such as arsenic, lead, cadmium and zinc, deriving from the restoration of the LTCP site. The repository is constructed under low overburden using the room and pillar mining technique, forming 7 m wide pillars. The total area of the repository is almost 2.475 m2
while the available space is around 1.900 m2 . It is accessed through a 11% inclined tunnel with a length of 170 m and with a 35 m deep shaft. The repository was commissioned in 2009. The Repository visit can continue with a tour of the LTCP which stands where the old “French Company of Lavrion Mines” facilities used to be. As in similar cases around the world, the abandoned industrial buildings, machinery etc were rescued and given to the student and the local communities as a technology and culture centre.

New Road Tunnels in Metropolitan Area of Athens

Construction of three new urban road tunnels are planned in the metropolitan area of Athens. Specifically, Kimis tunnel which will be a 2.2 km long double tube tunnel connecting Attiki Odos with the Athens-Thessaloniki motorway, the 2.0 km long motorway tunnel that will connect Attiki Odos (highway), a main ring road of Athens, and Rafina port and Ilioupolis tunnel which will be 3 km long bi-directional urban tunnel, under a densely populated area, connecting Attiki Odos with Vouliagmenis Avenue and the under development Hellinikon Project area. Tunnelling works will be underway by 2023 and the technical visits to the abovementioned projects will be very interesting for
the WTC 2023 attendees.

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