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About the Greek Tunnelling Society​

The Greek Tunnelling Society (GTS), founded in 1995, is the established and official representative of Greece in the International Tunnelling Association (ITA-IATES). GTS is a nonprofit body and aims to promote the key advantages of tunnels and underground structures from technical, environmental, social and economic point of view. The steering board of the GTS consists of 7 members, while the body of the GTS has more than 200 members.

The main objectives of the GTS are:

  • To inform the Greek engineering community (individuals, companies, public sectors etc.) for the key advantages of the underground structures and underground development.

  • To develop methods and/or update the existing ones for a more efficient design, construction, supervision and maintenance of underground structures.

  • To record and communicate technical information, knowledge
    and experience about Tunnelling and underground structures.

  • To disseminate information related to the development and implementation of new technologies, methods and innovations of underground projects.

  • Work with the responsible state authorities for drawing up regulations, specifications, recommendations etc.

  • To organise visits to relevant construction sites in Greece and abroad.

Board of the Greek Tunnelling Society

Vice President
General Secretary
Editor (Responsible for Publications)

Nikolaos Roussos
Dimitrios Alifragkis
Chrysothemis Paraskevopoulou
Evangelos Pergantis
Andreas Benardos
Marilia Balasi
Ioannis Fikiris

Experience of GTS or/and its Members in Conferences

You can find an Indicative list here below with a few major congresses organised by the Greek Tunnelling Society or its members had a key role for their organization.
Greek Tunnelling Society​

Young Members Group of GTS

Following the decision of ITA for the establishment of the “Young Members Group” for young professionals in the field of Tunnelling and Underground projects, the Greek Tunnelling Society (GTS) decided to create a national “Young Members Group” in 2014.
The main objectives of the group as described by the GTS are:

  • To act as a forum for young members within GTS, keep a direct relationship with the Young Members Groups of the ITA and attract new members in other GTS Working Groups
  • To facilitate access of young professionals to career opportunities in Tunnelling and Underground construction in Greece and abroad.
  • To inform students in school and university for the conditions, prospects and opportunities in the industry of tunnels and underground works.
  • To organise educational and training events for young professionals.


Synergy Effects with National Conference

Several national conferences are organised every year in Greece which are related to engineering. The majority of them are organised or co-organised by the Technical Chamber of Greece which counts over 100,000 licensed Greek engineers. Few of such conferences are less or more well related to underground engineering and hence the WTC2023 in Athens may provide a unique opportunity for a combined organisation. Among other regular conferences that are held in Greece, the very successful National Conference on Geotechnical Engineering which is organised every 4 years (the latest took place in November 2019), which steadily exceeds 300 participants, will be examined to be combined with WTC2023. Other related national conferences that may be examined to be combined with WTC2023 may include the congress of the Greek Committee of the International Federation for Structural Concrete (fib) and other conferences related to electrical / mechanical engineering, maintenance etc. In conclusion, the Greek Tunnelling Society strongly supports and will work towards the aim to combine in 2023 related national conferences with the WTC2023, with purpose to maximize the attendance, the sponsors and the support from individuals and companies for the event. Moreover, it should be highlighted that all relevant state’s authorities, all Greek Technical Universities and the industry manufacturers, contractors etc related, in any way, to underground projects and underground space use have declared their full support to the GTS’s initiative to organise WTC2023.

Greek Tunnelling Society​

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