• Tunneling in Greece

Ancient Greece Tunnelling

Tunnelling reflects the cultural development and, particularly, the great technical and economic power of certain civilizations. Tunnelling in Greece dates back at least to 2000 B.C. when many tunnels were excavated for the exploitation of the minerals…

Tunnelling Overview

The Egnatia highway project, which was constructed on the threshold of the 21st century, is one of the largest road construction projects ever constructed in Europe. It is the modern reincarnation of the great Roman  highway known as the Via Egnatia…

Completed & Ongoing Projects

The intense tunneling activity of the three last decades, has brought Greece to a prominent position in the worldwide tunneling community. Today, numerous highway tunnels are under operation. Hence, tunneling construction activity has given its place to tunnel operations. Transition through well-defined but often intricate procedures, since the start of tunnel operations requires the involvement of several stakeholders…

Upcoming Projects

Greece has experienced a boom in underground construction resulting in the development of notable tunnelling and underground projects. This stretches from new metro line extensions to both major motorway tunnels, as part of the Trans-European Networks (TEN) and long railway tunnels…

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