• Upcoming Projects

Upcoming Projects

New Athens Metro Line 4 - Section A “ALSOS VEIKOY – GOUDI”

The € 1,6billion budgeted Design and Built Contract concerns a new Metro Line within the city of Athens. The 13km long, fully automated new METRO line 4, will consist of 15 stations. The project includes tunnelling works, underground stations, station fit-out, mechanical and electrical systems, rail Infrastructure and rail systems.
The U-shaped Line 4 consists of two radial branches to Galatsi and Maroussi municipalities, as well as of one central part that runs through Athens City Centre. Tender award of the first phase of Line 4 is currently ongoing, for the implementation of the first section (from Alsos Veikou to Goudi). The scope of the project is to cover the foreseen ridership of 8,000 passengers at peak hours in the section with the highest passenger load per direction in year 2030, as well as the ridership of 13,000 passengers/peak hour/direction foreseen in the long run.

Underwater road link connecting Salamina island and Perama in Attica region

The project concerns the design, construction, financing, operation, maintenance and exploitation of an approximately 15km long highway which includes a 1.2km long immersed double tube tunnel in an area with archaeological interest due to the conduct of the homonymous naval battle (22-09-480 BC) and three onshore tunnels with a total length of 2km. Currently a competitive dialogue process is underway according to an EU tendering process.

The Hellinikon Project

The revitalization of Hellinikon, which will develop a total area of 6,200,000 sqm, is one of the biggest projects of its kind in Europe and the most ambitious development project ever undertaken in Greece. The Project has been specifically designed to positively impact the local, regional and national economy, by adding significant new investments, employment opportunities and uses in key areas such as tourism, culture, entrepreneurship, R&D and the environment.
The approximate € 8 bn. investment project is expected to generate 75.000 new jobs during maturity and contribute 2.4% to Greece’s GDP by completion date.
It will include, among other, a 1 km long Cut & Cover with 3 lanes per direction as part of the realignment of the heavy trafficked coastal urban motorway that currently crosses the area facilitating the direct connection of the developed land with the coastline and the beach.

Urban tunnels in Metropolitan area of Athens

The implementation of Athens Metropolitan area Master Plan requires some new road tunnels, which include the following:

  • The 3.0km long Ilioupolis urban tunnel which is a challenging project running under densely populated area with certain challenging geometrical requirements for connecting Hellinikon area with the Athens International Airport.
  • The 2.0km long motorway tunnel that shall connect Attiki Odos (highway) and Rafina port.
  • The 2.2km long double tube Kimis Urban tunnel that will connect Attiki Odos (highway) with PATHE (Athens – Thessaloniki highway).

Motorway Tunnels along the new Elefsina – Thiva – Yliki Road Section

The new motorway, which is currently in the planning stage, includes the construction of three (3) new tunnels with a total length of 5 Km.

Northern Road Axis of Crete island (NRAC)

A concession project concerning the design, construction, financing, operation, maintenance and exploitation of an approximately 200km long motorway which includes a significant number of tunnels (total length ~ 30km single tube). The project is split in 2 separate competitions:
i) a concession agreement for the section between Chania and Hersonissos, and
ii) a PPP project for the Hersonissos-Neapolis section.
The cost have been estimated at around €1.1billion for the concession project and €359.6mln for the PPP project. The tendering process involves a Competitive Dialogue. Currently the Contracting Authority (Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport) is examining the technical skills of the interested parties.

Immersed road tunnel connecting Lefkada island Aetoloakarnania region

A project which is currently in the planning stage and concerns the design, construction, financing, operation, maintenance and exploitation of an approximately 4km long highway that will connect Lefkada island of the Ionian Sea with the Greek mainland. It will include a 0,8km long immersed tunnel as well as 0,5km long entrance and exit, partially Cut & Cover, works in an environmentally sensitive and seismic active area.

Upcoming Projects In Balkan Region

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Tunnel Prenj

  • Highway section Mostar – Sarajevo (Corridor Vc)
  • highway two-tube tunnel
  • length: 10.1 km
  • An ongoing tender procedure for construction
  • Two-step procedure for future Contractor to present technology in first step and price in the second step
  • Yellow book FIDIC with some parts of Emerald book
  • Expected start of works 2020/2021

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