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WTC impact

How WTC will impact local, national and regional markets and how it fits ITA strategy

Rapid urbanization, natural hazards, climate change and extreme weather phenomena, sustainable energy geo-resources, people’s mobility and transportation of goods are first-priority demanding challenges that the globe is facing.

Cities, infrastructure and logistics expansion towards underground provide safe, sustainable and green solutions facilitating the transformation of millions of people’s lives into a more resilient lifestyle. A comprehensive understanding, rethinking and reshaping of the underground spaces has become even more vital and crucial in the urban transformation of future cities, where overground space will be more and more valuable. For the latter to be attained, a holistic approach is required not only in terms of spatial organization or overcoming engineering challenges, but also with regard to the establishments of policies, regulations and consideration of social factors.

WTC 2023 in Athens will highlight the multiple advantages and solutions that underground space can provide, at the prospect of a whole new era of smart technology where sophisticated “digital tools” change investigation, design, construction and operation methods and strategies rapidly. WTC 2023 will additionally provide an ideal opportunity to showcase recent innovations and the perspective of technology to further efficiently upgrade underground infrastructure assets, transforming the industry and the societies it serves.

We strongly believe that WTC2023 held in Athens (Greece) will provide a valuable opportunity and a fertile soil for the international underground society to make a literally positive impact on the world.”

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